Alabama Valentine / Amanda Collins  

Model/Actor/Influencer/Ambassador/Advertising Rep for FabUplus Magazine

Los Angeles, California

Model Info:

Height - 5'10"  Weight - 210lbs  Size - 14/16 or 1x  Bust - 40  Waist - 36  Hips - 42  Thigh - 29.5  Thighs - 44  Hair - Blonde  Eyes - Blue  Shoe Size - 12 -13


04/28/18 - NewNew Foods (Previously CAcafe) Photoshoot

04/27/18 - True Romance Fest "Alabama" 2 day Event - Burbank, CA The Safari Inn 

04/26/18 - Fat Kid Dance Party Workout Videos Filming in Downtown LA - Bevon Branlandingham

04/25/18 - Brand Ambassador for Rosegal 

04/23/18 - Everybody Los Angeles Fat Kid Dance Party - Bevon Branlandingham - Reporting for FabUplus Magazine 

04/21/18 - Walkaway - Personal Trainer - CSUN Film - Joey Cheng

04/15/18 - Fresh Peaches Swimwear/Bikinis Photoshoot for new website at Rancho Cucamonga wherehouse

04/14/18 - Fatchella at The Plus Bus Reporting for FabUplus Magazine 

04/13/18 - Bye, Alicia - Comedy Feature - Mike DeMille Coffee Shop 

04/12/18 - Working with Shelly Harrison at Luminary Leaders for All Women Rock Conference 2018 - CD Wilson Events 

04/08/18 - Fresh Peaches Swimwear/Bikinis (Rancho Cucamonga) Photoshoot in Huntington Beach - CD Wilson Models Inc. 

04/06/18 - Photoshoot with Skyler Leone 

04/05/18 - Music Video Appearance - Devl - Hot Mom Pool Scene Latigo Canyon Videographer: Skyler Leone 

04/02/18 - Inspirational Speaker for CD Wilson Events - All Women Rock Conference 2018 

04/02/18 - Co-Hosting for CD Wilson Events - 14 shows in 2018

04/02/18 - Modeling for CD Wilson Models Inc. - 14 Shows in 2018 

03/25/18 - Hunter for Target Festival Brand Ambassador (

03/24/18 - Short Film Anywhere but Here (Dinner Party Scene) Santa Barbara City College Student Hana Loggins Production 2 Class 

03/20/18 - Short Film Blackout (Bar Patron)

03/18/18 - Short Film The Academy USC Graduate 20 minute thesis film (Reporter)

03/15/18 - The Peppermint Club Event with performing DJ's EC Twins (IG: ectwins) 

03/14/18 - Mkkankan Photography San Diego Photoshoot with Mimi MkKan (IG: mkkankan)

03/13/18 - Hired as Brand Ambassador for Radikel Events

03/12/18 - Behind the Scenes Reporting for FabUplus Magazine's Summer 2018 Cover Shoot with model Alexa Phelece & Swimwear Sponsor Anita Canada  

03/09/18 - The Dark Mark Show Beauty and The Beast with horror film producer Matt Rosvally  (IG: gothcomedian) (IG: @sepultureproductions)

03/07/18 - Accepted by Actors Talent Registry Santa Barbara with Cindy Stevens 

03/05/18 - My Silhouette Boutique Brand Ambassador (IG: my_silhouette_boutique_pa) Discount Code: AlluringAlabama 

03/04/18 - Oscar Viewing Party Social Mix LA (IG: socialmixla)

03/01/18 - LA Meet & Greet with Bonnie Gillespie 

02/25/18 - Fashion Nove Curve Photoshoot with Shutter Pal (IG: @shutter.pal)

02/24/18 - Vida Modern Photoshoot (IG: socialbuttterfies) (IG: vidamodern)

02/21/18 - Hot Miami Shades Brand Ambassador (IG: hotmiamishades) Discount Code: MiamiGirls 

02/20/18 - Hashtag Sunglasses Brand Ambassador (IG: hashtag_sunglasses) Discount Code: ALABAMAXO 

02/18/18 - Everybody Deserves Love Hip Hop Workshop Support 

02/18/18 - Short Film Boob Sweat USC 4th year student film 

02/15/18 - Fashion Nova Curve Collab (IG: fashionnovacurve)

02/09/18 - Santa Barbara International Film Festival Met Christopher Lloyd 

02/09/18 - Solo Cover on Courbee Magazine (Winter 2018) - (IG: jamilachoyce)

02/08/18 - Santa Barbara International Film Festival Margot Robbie & Alison Janey Interview and Awards Presentation I, Tonya

02/05/18 - Mirena Collections Brand Ambassador (IG: mirinacollections) Discount Code: SaveOnWishList 70% off

02/03/18 - Model for Courbee Couture Intimate Apparel

02/02/18 - Santa Barbara International Film Festival Gary Oldman Interview and Awards Presentation Darkest Hour 

02/02/18 - Chic Wishlist Brand Ambassador (IG: chic_wishlist) 

01/29/18 - Pre-Grammy's Party Society Unici (IG: society_unici)

01/20/18 - Michael Baray Photography Longbeach Photoshoot (IG: modelswhoinspire)

01/19/18 - Fashion Nova Curve Collab (IG: Fashionnovacurve)

01/11/18 - Woo Plus Dating Promo Video (IG: wooplus_dating)

12/14/18 - Chocolate and Art Show Body Paint Model for Cassandra Love Lambert  (IG: c_love_lambert)

12/12/18 - Featured as MODEL MONDAY MODEL on (IG: fabUplus)

12/09/18 - Not Much Time Short Film Extra (Diner) 

12/22/18 - Fashion Nova Curve Collab (IG: fashionnovacurve)

12/06/18 - Woo Plus Dating Promo Video (IG: wooplus_dating)

11/28/17 - Photoshoot - Jamila Choyce/Plus Size Casting (IG: jamilachoyce)

11/25/17 - Fashion Show Designs by Vida designer Vida Craddock (IG: socialbuttterflies)

11/19/17 - Ontario Fashion Show - Jamila Choyce/Plus Size Casting 

11/18/17 - Not Much Time Short Film Extra (Wedding & Funeral) 

11/08/17 - Fashion Nova Curve Photoshoot with Axl B. (IG: themalibuphotographer)

11/04/17 - Fashion Nova Curve Photoshoot with Marisa Gama (IG: gama143_photography) 

11/01/17 - Fashion Nova Curve  Collab (IG: Fashionnovacurve)

10/28/17 - Lace Halloween Event/Red Carpet (IG: society_unici)

10/25/17 - Hired as Fashion Nova Curve Influencer (IG @fashionnovacurve) Discount Code: ALABAMAXO

10/19/17 - Hired as Advertising Representative for FabUplus Magazine (IG @fabuplus)

10/17/17 - Photoshoot with Frye Photography (IG @frye_photo_and_post)

10/15/17 - Halloween Hotness Fundraiser for St. Judes Find a Cure Cause at American Legions Club 43 (Walked for Designs by Vida designer Via Craddock)

10/14/17 - La Fashion Showcase (Walked for Fe FenBey designer Fatimah Bey & Designs by Vida designer Vida Craddock)

10/12/17 - The Roosevelt Hotel Photoshoot with Axl B (IG @themalibuphotographer)

10/09/17 - Venice Beach Photoshoot with Michael Baray (IG @michaelbarayphotography)

10/07/17 - Photoshoot with Javohn Oddie (IG @jko_odd)

10/04/17 - Music Video Extra 

10/03/17 - Published in Les Pulpeuses Magazine (IG @lespulpeusesmagazine)

09/20/17 - Published in BeUtiful Magazine in Gyvmebody Swimwear (IG: gyvmebody)

09/17/17 - Photoshoot with M.R.R. Imaging Toronto Canada 

09/17/17 - Sexy Plus Cruise and Fashion Show (Walked with Caterina Moda, Sarah Taylor, Ophilia, Ro Reid, Rasta Rebelle, Xo Zane, Jodi Pollak, Flaws of Couture)

09/04/17 - Photoshoot with Kirk Williams (IG @photos_by_kirk)

08/25/17 - Xehar Curvy Biggest Fashion Party (Attended with Arabella S. Ruby, Laura Brioschi, Ellana Bryan, Elle Valera, Cheyenne Lee, Asley Marie, Debra Leigh) 

08/12/17 - Xehar Curvy Exclusive Media Event with Arabella S. Ruby

07/23/17 - Malia Indigo Presents Toronto Plus Size Fashion Show (Walked for Sexy Plus Clothing, Elle Made Well, Suzy Q Jewels, Plus Marche, Pursed Boutique)

07/23/17 - Chief of Style Launch Party 

07/16/17 - Everybody Deserves Love Corona Del Mar Event 

07/15/17 - Mizz B. Model Bootcamp 

06/03/17 - Xehar Curvy Press Day (Fabuplus Magazine & Getty Images)

05/20/17 - Power Photoshoot with Adonis King

05/16/17 - Courbee Revolucion Magazine Photoshoot

05/13/17 - Xehar Curvy Fashion Show

05/04/17 - Xehar Curvy Bathingsuit & Creative Photoshoot

04/29/17 - Liquid Jewels in the Hollywood Hills Fashion Show for

04/23/17 - Xehar Curvy Live Radio Show

04/01/17 - LA Fashion Showcase - Rock the Red for American Heart Association

03/11/17 - Xehar Curvy Fashion Show/Event

03/03/17 - Xehar Curvy E-Commerce 

10/15/16 - Reynoso Photography/Mermaids and Muses Underwater Photography

05/25/16 - Greatest Hits Audience Member Filmed during Ray Parker Jr.'s Ghostbusters Performance (

08/21/15 - Photoshoot with Photographer Cherry Pinup Photo

01/19/15 - Photoshoot with Dynamite Dames & Tess Holiday Tour 

08/17/14 - Photoshoot with bycherryphotography (IG: bycherryphotography)

Anything is possible if you just BELIEVE!

Bring Curvy Beauty, Body Positivity and Confidence to your Next Project!

Modeling Services

A Curvaceous Model with a Kind, Positive Attitude

If you want to bring full-figured allure and positive energy to your next photoshoot....look no further!! I am your girl! I love being in front of the camera and believe that all sizes, skin tones, ages and body types are BEAUTIFUL and should be represented! I love working with creative people and my style is easily adapted to bring your concept to life. I am passionate about plus-size fashion, swimwear, activewear and my mission is to inspire others to love themselves exactly as they are TODAY!  I am very focused on my own INNER beauty, as I believe the most beautiful people shine from the inside out and I believe that shine comes through in my photos! :)

Model Services


Body Positivity Advocate

Learn About Alabama Valentine

Hi! My name is Amanda Christine and I am a curvy model! I love photoshoots, runway and speading positive vibes!  A lot of people ask me about my instagram name, Alabama Valentine, which I created many years ago. The name "Alabama" is actually a character in one of my favorite movies and Valentine came from the concept that it is ok to love yourself the most and be your own Valentine! 

I live near Los Angeles and drive there for castings and projects all the time. Being a model, actor, influencer & ambassador are my primary jobs and focus, so I go where ever the work takes me! I love to travel and am fascinated by other areas of the world, but will always be a California girl at heart! I am also an advertising rep for FabUplus Magazine! I'm proud to offer my modeling services to anyone looking for a size 14/16 or 1x curvy model! I am 5'10 and 210 pounds of pure sunshine!  A special fact about me is I was a division 1 collegiate volleyball player and received a full ride scholarship and graduated from Pepperdine Univeristy in Malibu, Ca.  

I truly LOVE modeling and I believe it shows on camera, as I bring a special sparkle to the photographs I'm in. I've also been told I'm lovely to work with, which is the best compliment.  I was in Finance for 10 years, so I am very professional, well prepared and have the endurance to work long hours.

In closing, I'll just say that I believe the relationship between photographer and model is  very special and one I really enjoy; as together I feel like we bring art to life.


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I live near Los Angeles; however I love to travel for projects! 


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