Alabama Valentine / Amanda Collins  

Model/Actor/Influencer/Ambassador/Advertising Rep for FabUplus Magazine

Los Angeles, California

Confidence, Love, and Body Positivity All Rolled into One

I am a multi-talented model who's comfortable doing everything from clothing photo shoots to curvy swimwear.  I'm really good at taking direction, I am very photogenic and am super passionate about body positivity projects! I truly value and appreciate the individuals I work with on set; from designers to photographers to stylists to hair/make-up artists, I believe that supporting one another and positively cultivating those relationships helps us all bring out the very best in one another & in turn make a little magic on set!

Make-up & Hair Skill Sets

My talents aren't limited to just being in front of the a makeup lover, I am fully capable of prepping my face for a shoot as well as styling my own hair. So if you happen to need me to do my own hair and/or make-up for a project, I can take care of that behind the camera work myself.

In addition, I am comfortable in a variety of scenes for photo shoots; some of the scenes I model for include:

Swimwear • Activewear • Glamour • Plus-Size Clothing • Curvy Legwear  • Historical Projects • Costume • Plus Shoes • Lingerie

Booking and Consultation

When you want to book me for a shoot, all you need to is contact me at, and we can set up a time to discuss what you are looking for and whether I would be a good fit.  If it is a project that consists of in-person castings, please email me the casting date, time & location and as long as it works with my schedule, I will do my very best to be there.